Style And Vegan's Collection


Hello, my name is Vanessa, an energetic, motivated and loving person that lives in New Jersey. I love traveling and experiencing new adventures. The biggest part about traveling is I get to try different vegan dishes. Yes I am a vegan. When I’m not traveling I’m either working out, reading books or spending time with my friends and family. So I created my Instagram page STYLE and VEGAN to share the beautiful pictures of the different foods I eat, places I’ve traveled and ultimately to show that being vegan is not boring. The things we do are not boring, the foods we eat are not boring. And the clothes we wear is definitely Not Boring. Being vegan is a lifestyle and I hope to inspire others to follow my lead in living a more healthier and happier lifestyle. When you support Style and Vegan you’re supporting a great movement that’s sole purpose is to highlight the love for life and animals.

Instagram: @StyleAndVegan